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The prophet of music

The artist one is the only artist in history to perform the Bibles most important stories into music. From the Beginning to the end.

With the latest works called Warriors Prophets and Kings spanning over nine segments of musical movements with the first being "WARRIORS" that is based on the life of Joshua has just finished part one of three.

WPK Warriors.1 Starts from the death of Moses with track one being "The last Song of Moses" a Ten Minute musical journey of Moses sharing his love with the children of Israel and to his death and entering into the arms of God himself with the closing segment called "Coming Home"

The Second movement is called "Be Strong and of courage" is an Eight minute segment that includes parts of a Poem written by Adrianne Curry that fit perfectly into the thoughts Joshua was feeling after being placed into a position of leadership after the death of Moses.

The third movement called "The Rivers Edge" is a musical journey from the shores of the river Jorden to the Walls of Jericho.

Malachi is currently working one the Second segment of the Trilogy "WARRIORS"

I am hoping to finish the remainder of this album in 2021 but only time will tell.

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