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30 year edition 

It was 22 years ago I released the CD "i" as a stand alone album of songs written from 1992-1999 that had a heaver tone.

it was 30 years ahead of its time.

All but the songs

"How Do you Do" 1999

"i" 1999

("i" was before i-pods, i-pads, i-phones, and i-tunes)

"The Inside" 1999

All other songs are from 1992-1994

This album is full of prophetic songs that have come to pass.  

To be honest I never wanted to sing these songs but after so many time trying to find a voice I just did them myself. But vocally I have never really happy with any of it. But the songs are what made me what I am so all good. 


"How Do You Do"

I had just set my drums up stairs in the dinning room with 12' ceilings wanting to get a different sound and to make a full album of many heaver sounding songs I had written a few years before.


Was also a song from tracking drums in the upper room, as a mater of fact I tracked the drums for both songs in one take. 


Also from the same day

I had a friend named Lisa Hanson who had lent me her synthisizer keyboard and thought that sound was cool, I remember just hitting one key for about five minutes while recording and thought lets put some drums on it, ran up stairs and fallowed along. with the beat. 

My Telecaster songs


"Out of the middle"

The Tele was and still is my go to heavy guitar right out of the gate. My set up was a Peavy Stereo chorus, GK 250RL threw 2 12 Cab and a 15 bass amp cab. for 1992 I thought is sounded pretty good, hard to capture it with the recording tec I had then but.

"Three Steps Back"

Again the Tele and detuned to my sounds good enough ears. 

"From the Beginning"

I had done the main riff on another song but after laying down some drums and going back to listen i picked up the tele and started playing, one tack and this is what I got. 

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