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New music 

After looking at the current state of the music industry I have decided not to release a full album but release music in segments and then once I feel a project is complete I will package it all as an album. 

This allows me to make music as I feel and not wait to have an hour of music to justify releasing something, but just create as God gives me the music.  

So get on the mailing list for new music as I complete it. 



The last song of Moses 

The last song of Moses is the latest segment in the chapter called Warriors Prophets and Kings III. 

This song is a song about Moses seeing the promised land but going to his heavenly promised land instead. 

20th anniversary



Released 1/1/00

The next chapter in the seven-part series of Malachi's interpretation of the Bible. This CD continues the story through the world of Noah, the tower of Babel and the life of Abraham, A Nation of Stars VI brings a new power and energy to the Bible. 

The strength of Malachis lyrics will captivate and move the listeners to new levels of understanding the Bible. Malachi's CDs are considered the most innovating recordings of this decade and Malachi's focus on truth is unsurpassed by any other artist to date. 

His ability to translate the power of the bible to music is incredible.

it was 20 years ago today

in 1999 I released 4 albums


1. i, This was an album fo heavier songs, such as "i" "No reason to be seen" "three steps back" 

2. Free, This was a sample CD I included with all my other CD's

  of just instrumental stuff I had done over the years

3. A Road Less Traveled, This album was released to rave reviews and gave me one top ten "I don't think so" FMQB, New Music Weekly and Gavin and a top 20 with "A Road Less Traveled" and "Thank you" 

the artist one i cd cover, The Artist ONE
FREE Album Cover The Artist ONE
A Road Less Traveled The Artist ONE
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