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1. Delivered 

430 years have past
Israel is free at last
Sing of no more suffering
Sing to God what freedom means
Give your heart unto the king
From the bondage, he did bring
Remember this day forevermore
And the child drawn from the shore
And it came to pass that we are free
From the womb firstborn shall be
Give to God all that you see
For he has delivered thee
Remember this day forevermore


2. Pillar of fire 

The Lord went before them day
As a cloud to lead the way
By fire in the night
Lead them by his light.

They say why did God lead us this way?
Destroyed by the blade
Trapped in Pharaohs hand
Will God lead us through this land?

Father why they bleed?
From the hearts, can't they see?
What you have done for thee,
You will set us free.

3. Trapped

Why did you lead us here?
People they scream in fear.
Want to turn back home.
Back to Pharaohs roam
Signs of darkness are here.

The Lord has spoken to me,
We shall encamp by the sea.
The Lord has spoken to me
More enemies will come
But he will concur all for you.

Don't let Pharaoh take control.
Don't let evil live in your soul.
Don't look back on suffering.
Don't be afraid of what is seen.
Don't fill your mind with hate.
Turn around before it's too late,
Only bondage will it bring.
Don't go back on suffering.

Back to the water's edge


4. Waters edge 

Back to the Water's Edge

My back is at the water's edge
Back to the water's edge
My back is at the water's edge.

Seems I've been here once before.
Just a child thrown to the shore.
You will deliver me once more
Lord, you will save me from the.

I lift up the staff and proclaim.
The truth that lies within the name.
Why do they look back on Pharaoh's reign?
On this day I will proclaim.
Proclaim the water's edge

For you will lead us from the water's edge.

You will take us from the water's

You will lead us from the water's edge.


5. Parting the Waters 

6. Songs of Moses 

I will sing unto the Lord,
For he has triumphed gloriously
His horse and rider thrown,
into the endless sea.

The Lord is my strength
The Lord is my song
He has become my eternal salvation.

He is my God,
And I will prepare him inhabitation.
My father's God
All I will do is exalt him.

Lord is a man of war
Lord is his name

Pharaohs chariots, cast into the sea,
His chosen captains, drown into the RED.
The depths have covered them,
Sank to the bottom like stone.

Right hand OO Lord, glorious in power
Right hand OO Lord, dashed them into peace's

And in the greatness of thine Excellency
Thou has overthrown them.
That rose up against thee.
Thou has set forth thy wrath,
That consumed them as stubble.

With the blast of your winds,
The waters gathered together.
Floods stood upright as in heap,
And the depths were consumed in the heart of the sea.

(and my enemies said)
I will pursue, I will overtake you.
I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon you.
I will draw my sword, my hands shall destroy you.

But your God blew the wind and the sea that covered them
And they sank like lead into the bottom, of the mighty water's.

Who is like thee OO lord?
Who is this God OO Lord,
nothing like we have OO Lord?

God of their fathers

And you stretched out your right hand
And the earth did cover them,
And your mercy will guild them,
holy is the lamb.

People shall hear and be afraid,
Sorrow shall take hold of them
The Dukes of Edom shall be amazed
Trembling all of them.

Canaan shall melt away
Fear and dread shall fall upon them.
The greatness of thine arm,

They shall be still as stone.
Till they pass OO Lord
Till they Passover OO Lord

Thou shall bring them in
Thou shall plant them in
Thou shall dwell within

The Lord shall reign forever and even within.
The Lord shall reign forever and even again.
The Lord shall reign forever and even again.
The Lord shall reign forever and even again.


7. I am the Lord 


If you will listen to my voice
If you will seek right in my eye's
If you will follow my laws
I will protect you from all the lies

For I am the LORD.
I delivered from pain
Freed you from pharaohs Rayne
I will show you everything

For I am the LORD.
Turn the waters into wine
Filled with the sweet divine
My love for all time.

For I am the LORD
Give you Manna from the sky
My love will never die
A promise from on high

For I am the LORD
Guild you from this land
Freed you from the sand


8.I will set you free. 

will rain bread from the sky,
Just enough to satisfy
There eternal need.
There eternal greed.

Honey shall I bring to pacify,
But this will never satisfy
Water is what they creed
To fill there eternal need

I have spoken to Moses from the cloud
For six days you're allowed
Gather what you need
Keep a day for me.

I AM THE LORD and I set you free
Keep your eyes on me

Open your hearts and thirst no more
For I have lead you from the shore.
From the water's edge
Through the water's lead.

Travels will lead you to a land
War will soon be at your hand
Keep your faith in me
For I will set you free.

I AM THE LORD and I set you free
Keep your faith in me.

I AM THE LORD and I set you

I AM THE LORD keep your faith in me

I AM THEE I AM of the promised land
On this day we will make a stand

I AM THE LORD and I set you free


9.The Battle of Amalek

WAR came unto the valley of men
Amalek fought to destroy us all
On a hill holding the staff on high
I s r a e l w i l l p r e v a i l .

H e a v y, my m o u t h i s d r y.
H o l d m y a r m s to t h e s k y.
They prevail only when I take them down.
L i f t me up.

Finding grace in the eyes of the lord.
D e l i v e r e r u s f r o m d e s p a i r
P r o m i s i n g t h e t r u t h i n l o v e
L o o k u p a n d g i v e j o y a g a i n .

On this day and altar I will make
Remembering battle of WAR again
Many times we fight with them

never forget



RELEASED 7/7/2014








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