All music to be released in segments

 recent world news

If you are reading current news you will see this world is turning upsidedown. 

I need more than ever to ask all of you to share my music with friends time is running short and I need to fulfill my mission of a live show of the bible. 

I'm raising funds to start this project. contact me for more information.  

I will no longer be releasing albums but only segments of music that tell the story.  

Each Segment is part of a chapter of music. 

I know this might be hard to understand since I am the only artist brave enough to do something like this. 

So each segment will be under the chapter title. 

The last song of Moses is a segment of Warriors Prophets and Kings III and until I feel a new chapter is reached I will not change. 

Once a chapter is complete the Full album will be released. 


For the Song Be Strong and of Courage











Super Model and TV star..

Adrian Curry..

I decided to use some of the poem written by Adrian Curry called "A Poem" I really have no idea how I found it but it fit the mood I was looking for. So I sent her an e-mail and she wrote back saying "Go for it" (and that was it, she is very to the point)

Read here Poem and support her by buying AVON here

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20th anniversary



Released 1/1/00

The next chapter in the seven-part series of Malachi's interpretation of the Bible. This CD continues the story through the world of Noah, the tower of Babel and the life of Abraham, A Nation of Stars VI brings a new power and energy to the Bible. 

The strength of Malachis lyrics will captivate and move the listeners to new levels of understanding the Bible. Malachi's CDs are considered the most innovating recordings of this decade and Malachi's focus on truth is unsurpassed by any other artist to date. 

His ability to translate the power of the bible to music is incredible.


20 year re-mastered edition 

 It was 20 years ago (today) I released the CD i 

it was 20 years ahead of its time.

i was before i-pods, i-pads, i-phones, and i-tunes

This album is full of prophetic songs that have come to pass.  

I have just remastered this album 

Take a listen below. 

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